Is My Shampoo Toxic?

Updated: Jan 14

Detrimental Ingredients You May Not Know About

Why wouldn’t the beauty supply store or grocery store be the go-to place for personal hygiene items? They are both easy and convenient places to pick up quality bottles of shampoo. Shampoos in these locations are top-of-the-line but contain ingredients that could only be considered as being detrimental.

One of the common ingredients known is Retinyl palmitate which may cause itching and peeling of the scalp. This ingredient also has the potential to cause cancer, reproductive problems and organ toxicity.

Another one is synthetic fragrances which are used to make shampoos smell nice. Artificial fragrances can cause cancer, asthma attacks, reproductive issues, and hair loss.

Here’s a list of other known detrimental ingredients and what their effects can lead to:


- Contains benzene, phenlymethane, toluene, toluol, and methylene

- A petrochemical and affects the immune system.

- Can cause birth defects


- Can disrupt the endocrine system


- A carcinogenic preservative


- A hormone disruptor

Dimethicone Silicone

- Can cause build-up and prevents moisture retention

Propanol and isopropyl

- Are alcohols that act as thickening agents and can dry out the hair

There are some cases wherein these ingredients may not only affect adults but also has the potential to affect children as well. An example is Sulfates PEG Petroleum, which also usually acts as a thickening agent in order for the shampoo to have a “dense” feel to it, which can lead to low sperm count in boys and early puberty in girls.

To avoid these detrimental substances and keep your scalp healthy, there are alternatives you can consider. Browse our website for all-natural vegan products.

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